The Real Sean VanMeter

About Sean

Sean VanMeter has been entertaining audiences large and small since he was seven years old. His lifelong love of music took root in 2005, when the six-year-old VanMeter started taking piano lessons from legendary music producer Lee Davis. Since then, Sean has taken his talent as a musician and entertainer all over the world. He has appeared at such historic venues as the Morton Theatre, Jerry Farber's Side Door, Legends Park, the 14th Street Playhouse, and the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. In addition, he has performed alongside world-renowned entertainers such as Xavier Lewis, Chris Owens, Steve Dorff, and Dannette Flint.

Sean's self-titled debut album hit the shelves in 2008, with three more following it since. The most recent of these, The Real Sean VanMeter, is Sean's first collection of original recordings. Listeners have noted the influence of Elton John, Ben Folds, and Billy Powell on Sean's unique playing style.

Sean recently graduated from Piedmont University with degrees in Music and Mathematics.

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